Dylan Thomas Trail

Dylan Thomas (1914 –1953), one of Britain’s greatest twentieth century poets, lived a peripatetic life.

His famous verse play Under Milk Wood (1953), for example, was started in New Quay, continued at Southleigh, near Oxford and the Boat House at Laugharne (his ‘seashaken house on a breakneck of rocks’), lost and found in Soho, and finally completed in New York shortly before its first public performance.

Our Trail
Our Dylan Thomas trail features all the most important houses and landscapes connected with Dylan Thomas's extraordinary life, and the stories, legends and folklore that he drew upon in his poetry.

As a trail to follow it offers everything from coastal walks to West End pubs and includes fishing villages and ancient harbours, ruined castles, medieval churches, iron age fortifications and prehistoric standing stones.

Any time of year
Enjoy the trail in parts at different times or (a fair undertaking!) as an extended pilgrimage. You could plan visiting the locations in Wales to coincide with the annual Dylan Thomas festival in Swansea at the beginning of November.

Click on the links for details of each of the locations below:

dylan thomas in Wales


… good old 3-adjectives-a-penny belly-churning Thomas, the Rimbaud of Cwmdonkin Drive

Dylan Thomas' home town, where he was born and lived until he was 20, and where he wrote about two-thirds of his entire poetic output. [Read more ...]


This picturesque village 25 miles west of Swansea was the scene of a decisive meeting between Dylan and Caitlin in 1936, and is where the Boathouse, the last home they shared, is located. It is also where Dylan and Cailtlin are buried. [Read more ... ]


Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs
In August 1941 Caitlin moved to Plas Gelli at Talsarn [Read more ... ]

New Quay

Dylan and Caitlin lived in this 'cliff-perched town at the far end of Wales' from 1 September 1944 until July 1945. The town and its characters provided inspiration for Llareggub, and is also where Dylan completed important poems such as 'Fern Hill', and 'A Refusal to Mourn the Death by Fire of A Child in London'. [Read more ... ]

Dylan Thomas in England


Where Dylan became a prominent fixture in the bohemian pubs and clubs of Fitzrovia, Soho and Chelsea, and where he met Caitlin Macnamara [Read more ... ]


Porthcurno, Mousehole and Penzance, where Dylan and Caitlin were married [Read more ... ]


From July to November 1940 the family stayed at ‘The Malting House’ with the critic John Davenport and his American painter wife, Clement [Read more ... ]


From January 1946 until March 1947 Dylan and Caitlin lived in the summerhouse at Holywell Ford, the home of Margaret and A.J. P. Taylor, the historian [Read more ... ]

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