Bespoke Tour Itineraries

If you need any advice or assistance in creating an itinerary for a tour in Europe we will be very happy to help. We can provide assistance for all types of group, including:

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Reading Groups
  • Literary or Museum Societies
  • Graduate Study or Research Programs
  • Bibliophiles and book lovers everywhere

Each tour is specifically designed for you, so all details - for example, the type of hotel you may wish to stay in, the amount of time spent in each location etc. - can be tailored to your requirements.

You may prefer to stay in one or two locations, London and Bath for example, and experience a wider range of cultural activities such as theatre trips, visiting gardens, attending antiques fairs.

Or you may like to travel more widely, across the south of England for example, combining city and country and following a literary and historical trail that includes writers from Jane Austen to Virginia Woolf, Tennyson to John Fowles, and historical sites such as Stonehenge and Winchester Cathedral. Or follow a celtic legends path across England, Wales and Ireland.

Bespoke tours can also be arranged across Europe. Travel to cities such as Paris, Prague or Granada; areas such as Provence, Normandy or Andalucia. Literary visits can be combined with other activities such as painting and drawing, or visits to vineyards or historic monuments.

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