Brympton Festival

The first Brympton festival, at Brympton House, Brympton D'Evercy near Yeovil in Somerset, promises a feast of authors, food, music and art. dates for speakers are being finalised, but events are set to include:

Afternoon tea with: Sophie Hannah; Emma Craigie; Alison Weir; Michael Dobbs; Louisa Parker; Martin Polley; Lindsey Davis.

Afternoon tea with: Rosemary Penfold; Siobhan Clarke; Bonny Sartin; Heather Cooper and Nigel Henblest.

Afternoon tea with: Natasha Solomons; Gill Lewis; Gavin Mortimer; Yvonne Hughes; Murder Mystery lunch; Prue Leith.

Afternoon tea with: Ed Seigle; David Erdale; Alyson Hallett; James Crowden.

Lunch with: Angela Coombes and the Parkinson Exhibition; Nessa Carey; Adrian Tinniswod; Chris Rhodes; Mike Bryne; Robin McMahon; Mary S Lovell.

Afternoon tea with: Sarah Challis.

Lunch with: Pamela Egan, talking about the medieval world of CS Lewis; Alan Hollinghurst; Edward St Aubyn.

as well as poetry and creative writing workshops

Booking opens on February 16th, with tickets available from Yeovil TIC Tel: (01935)462781. email:

Cartgate TIC Tel: (01935) 462781. email:

More information at:

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